If you live in an area that receives high snow falls each year, you may be interested in picking up a snow plow to clear your driveway when the snow piles up outside your door. Many manufacturers now make snowplows that will fit on a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Nearly any type of truck or SUV should have a snow plow that will fit it and is a worthwhile investment for those living in an environment
that would justify the convenience.

Oftentimes a plow can easily be paid for within a year of purchase simply by assisting your neighbors or other unfortunate souls that are snowed in. Plowing a driveway with a snow plow is fairly simple and anyone can do it with a little bit of practice.

Tips to choosing a snow plow. Snow plows that would be adequate for typical homeowner use can range in prices from $1500 to $6000. Manufacturers commonly producing products include Boss, Meyer, Hiniker, Western, Bear and Sno Way. If you are looking for a less expensive plow that is designed to fit on ANY vehicle without welding or drilling into your vehicle, you could consider one such as the Plow Buddy. (available at http://www.MyPlowBuddy.com).

Simply follow this step by step process to start plowing your driveway today. Attach the plow to the truck. Position the plow in front of the truck and have an assistant direct you forward as you line the linkage
of the plow up with the undercarriage of the truck. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the included hardware to attach the plow to the front of the truck. If you plow is equipped with a scrape guard, properly set it to effectively scrape the snow from the road’s surface but high enough that it will keep the blade from snagging on uneven pavement. Begin plowing. Starting at one end of the driveway, lower the plow (if on hydraulics) and begin slowly breaking through the snow. If there is a large amount of snow, it is best to break through the middle of the main layer first and then begin working your way out the sides. Make sure your blade is angled to shove the snow to the side and then begin making passes with the blade angled away from the center of the driveway each time. Shove the snow off to the shoulder. Plow the snow to the side of the driveway and then shove the piled up snow off of the shoulder with the edge of the snow plow. This will assist in making driving easier and safer after the snow begins melting later on when the temperature warms up. Plowing driveways is much the same as driving on them, however you do need to make sure that the edges of your plow does not gouge into the road or hit objects along the side of the road (like mailboxes). Also, make sure to take into consideration the areas of the driveway you will be attempting to use as entrances or to park cars. Keep these areas clear. Attach chains to your truck’s tires if you are in need of more traction and only plow driveways that are flat or semi flat as plowing on inclines is an advanced technique that only professionals should attempt.

It’s nearly winter and in Minnesota as in most of the northern United States, that means one thing: snow is on its way. Homeowners groan in anticipation of the coming season, preparing themselves to put in a lot of time and effort keeping their driveway shoveled or paying for a snowplow service. However, one Minnesota company has introduced a new style of driveway snow plow which may change all that.

It’s called “My Plow Buddy” and it’s a very different kind of snow plow. Unlike other models currently available, My Plow Buddy is designed for the homeowner who wants to be able to keep their driveway free of snow and ice during the winter months, but doesn’t want to go through the trouble of welding, drilling or bolting a plow on to the front of their vehicle, which would more than likely voiding their warranty in the process.

This newer style of snow plow requires no frame mounting whatsoever; instead, it is easily installed by attaching the plow to the vehicle’s front tow hooks with clamps and can be simply removed once the job is
complete. For many homeowners in the snow belt, the availability of this plow is a welcome development.

“Speaking as a Minnesotan, I’ve spent a lot of time in my life shoveling or using a snow blower. My Plow Buddy is simply a much better way to get the job done and I’m very pleased to be able to offer this product to people all over the country who want to be able to keep their driveways clear this winter and for many winters to come,” says My Plow Buddy; Bruce Wahlstrom.

“It used to be that you had to bolt or weld a plow to your vehicle, but not anymore – this plow just clamps on to your tow hooks, you attach two battery connections and you’re good to go. It’s really that simple to have a full size 8′ by 21″ plow; it takes just a few minutes to attach it and it detaches just as quickly,” added Wahlstrom.

With the arrival of the winter’s first snowfalls imminent across the northern US, My Plow Buddy certainly seems like the right product at the right time – and with a price tag roughly half that of other driveway snow plows, My Plow Buddy is shaping up to be a popular gift this holiday season and yet another reason for homeowners everywhere to start dreaming of a white Christmas.

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